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The DTDN Christmas Calendar

where gifts are made

The Dana.TheDudes.Nu christmas calendar
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2008 Christmas Calendar - what's it all about?
For the fourth year in a row Dana.TheDudes.Nu is proud to present a christmas calendar. It all started 4 years ago as a huge gift to the members of the forum Buffyworld Forums, but as I have left that forum and because this calendar was such a huge hit the first year and an even bigger hit the second and last year, I decided to keep going with the calendar and have it as a gift to everyone who visits DTDN.

So why a community then?
Well, as you might notice, it's a while until christmas 2008 and this place will work as your updater. Here you can give suggestions as to what you'd like to see in this years calendar and what you don't want to see. You can also volunteer to help out with the calendar for certain presents that I can't make due to either lack of time or lack of experience in that specific field.

When does the calendar start?
I sincerely hope you do know when it starts considering it's a christmas calendar. But just to make sure, it starts on december 1st 2008.
Can I be co-creator of the calendar?
No, I will advertise if I need help, and then it will be a specific kind of advertisment, meaning I will tell you exactly what I need help with and how much time you have to make it. But thank you for the offer :)

Other stuff
I would appreciate it if you don't steal this idea. I put in a lot of hard work in this calendar and it expands into many different verses every year, it is no longer just angel and buffy focused. If you want to make a calendar too, please contact me about it. I don't claim rights to calendars everywhere, but I've NEVER seen a calendar like this online. Don't go around claiming you're the owner of this calendar either, people knows who owns it and they will see right through you within seconds.

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